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        in Valle Gran Rey

  El Molino
Valle Gran Rey
El Molino

El Molino
A house situated in the lower La Calera. Each of the six apartments
1A - 3A [PHOTOS]+[MOVIE No.2A] and
1B - 3B [PHOTOS]+[MOVIE No.2B]
consist of one bedroom, a living-kitchen and a bath, balcony. The balcony of the apartments on the second and third floor have sea view. The balconies on the first floor have view to the little park in front of the house.
Price per Night:
25 Euros for 1 Person,
29 Euros for 2 Persons.

There are two apartments on one floor so that they also can be connected to a four-person-apartment. In this case the price is 46 Euros/night for four people.

The apartment [PHOTOS]+[MOVIE] on the top of the building Atico contains of two bedrooms, living kitchen, bath and a spacy sun terrace with view down to the sea.
Price per Night:
33 Euros for 2 Persons,
every further person pays 3 Euros/night in addition.

In the proximity, separated by a green area, the main street leads along. To the next beach you go about 10 minutes.

  El Molino